Tay and Zach layeth the smackdown...well, not really; but they teach Braidon and Austin a little lesson on the history of Pro-Westling!

Tay: New Years Day Update

Tay drops in for a really quick update on what's been going on. Be sure to drop in on January 3rd for a big news update, and click below to listen to "The Inexplicable Dumb Show"'s New Years special!



Tay: An Unexpected Conclusion and A Belated Thanksgiving Special

Tay wraps up his "Forbidden Three" series and replays The Inexplicable Dumb Show's Thanksgiving Day Special (Taylor was honored to be featured in the cast along with show host John Mauldin, Brad Oxnam, Kristen James, Daniel Bissell, and Tara Mauldin!)


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Here's the link to "The Casebook of H. Parrot, P.I."


Tay: You Screwed Up, Hamilton!

Taylor sits down this month with Dr. Brion McClanahan; history professor, podcaster, and author. Hear them discuss Brion's latest book How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America, his previous book 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America, and other topics in American history.


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Tay: Don't Try To Church It Up, Part One

This month, I sat down with my good friend Charles Welchance. Charles is a really cool, very unorthodox pastor who was kind enough to sit down with me to talk about the most important issues that the Christian Church faces today, his experience in ministry, making up words, and so much more!

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