Updates on "I Am the One Who Screams" and The People Have Spoken!

Some more delays in the mixing of "I Am the One Who Screams".  Nothing major, it's just a matter of us being perfectionists. In addition to that, some fans of the show have asked me about a Christmas special for CDFF. I thought about it, got some ideas going, and am now in the process of making it as I am typing this! I'll be dropping the special next week, and we will release "I Am the One Who Screams" before the end of the year (possibly the same week as the Christmas special).

To make the "I Am the One Who Screams" premiere more special, our good friend Jay Kay at the Horror Happens Radio Show (one of the stars of the episode, believe it or not!) has offered to play "I Am the One Who Screams" on HHR! So, you're getting two premieres on two fantastic shows, and a Christmas special jam packed with all sorts of goodies! Thank you for your patience, and be sure to stay tuned! The Count is coming!