Tales of Drahoon # 6: Journey To The Center Of Ollie's Bladder

The Count and Daryl face a crisis. It appears that their wiener dog friend Ollie has swallowed a shrunken monster and it is doing damage in his bladder! The only way to save him is for Dr. Rick Adelaide to use the shrinking battle submarine that his ex-wfe has designed in order to combat this threat! Can this unlikely team save Ollie from doom and gloom, or will Rick and Irene's 50's melodrama play out for too long? Find out in this latest installment of Tales of Drahoon!


Dr. Rick Adelaide...Charles Shrodes

Dr. Irene Adelaide...Yancy Pearson

Ollie...Taylor Gentry

Supervising Sound Editor...Aaron Trimble of Darklight Audio

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Written and Directed by Taylor Gentry

And Your Host...Count Drahoon

...and his number one son, Daryl!