Death Rides A Pale Mule

Loosely based on Geoffrey Chaucer's "A Pardoner's Tale", three friends set out on a spontaneous journey to do the impossible, but instead find a fortune that seems too good to be true. Of course, in true Drahoon fashion, it certainly is!

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Russell...Charles Shrodes

Danny...John Mauldin

Beau...Brad Oxnam

Rider...Travis Holmes

Preist...Taylor Gentry

Hank...J. Austin Duke

Mack...Collin Baker

And your Host...Count Drahoon


Supervising Sound Editor...Aaron Trimble of Dark Light Audio

Written and Produced By Taylor Gentry

All of the performers above are extremely talented, and have other shows and projects that you might enjoy! Be sure to check it all out in the links provided below:

Charles Shrodes, AKA choram (he did our theme music you know! Check out his other tracks.)

John Mauldin, host and producer of The Inexplicable Dumb Show, a podcast with guests from the theatre community in the Greater Nashville area and some old time radio plays thrown in! Check it out!

Brad Oxnam is a fantastic voice actor! Check out all of his projects and musings at Voices By Brad!, @voicesbybrad

Follow Travis Holmes' artwork on Instagram @wendigomoon !

Don't forget to listen to Album Cuts with J. Austin Duke! New episodes every other week covering the tracks on your favorite albums, and perhaps new tracks you are eager to discover!

Aaron Trimble is the man, the sound man! Check out Dark Light Audio for all of your audio needs!