Purgatory Is A Bar On Main Street and Our First Roundtable

A troubled woman goes to her local bar to run away from her demons, only to be approached by a real one! This is one of the tales we performed at our first live show, re-recorded for our listeners, and for the first time, on film! Become a ten dollar Patron on Patreon to watch the full performance and the round table discussion that follows! Be sure to join us for the second live show at Carpe Cafe in Smyrna, TN on October 12th at 7pm.



Jordan Mulroney…Yancy Pearson

Bartender (Jerry)…Andrew Gately

Wormwood…Charles Shrodes

Hank…Jon Fleet

and Your Host…Count Drahoon

Special Effects and Sound Mixing by the Maestro of the Macabre Aaron Trimble

Written and Directed by Taylor Gentry

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