Taylor's First Post

Hey everyone this is Corey.  What you are about to read is actually from Taylor and it's basically two months late, but to tell you the truth I actually didn't see the email that Taylor had sent this in until today.  I feel bad about it, and I apologize whole heartedly to Taylor and everyone else out there reading this.  So without further ado here is Taylor's first post for the site.

I wanted to take the time to write my first blog post for the website about "The Epic Roadshow". Truth be told, the road show has been kind of a bumpy ride.  Our first outing at the Nashville Horror and Comic Fest was a very different environment  than we expected; there was so much going on all at once, there were multiple delays, and it was pretty scorching in the that small area with 500 other souls! Despite the madness,  I think we pulled everything off tremendously, despite Corey's lack of elbow room, my splitting head ache, and Craig's nervousness. 

At Just Love Coffee, just a week later, our hosts were able to provide us with a more stable venue( and great coffee!), but perhaps the show was a little too stable. Though we had the support of our fans and loved ones, we were only able to bring in just a few more people to watch us do our thing. A lot of factors played into this; the location (Just Love is a nice place, but it is quite a drive!), the time( 5:30, maybe a little too early for people to get off work to watch a comedy show on the other side of town), and the content. Before you have a panic attack, I'm not saying that our show was bad. Quite the opposite in fact, but comedy is not an exact science. It takes a little trial and error to reach that perfect formula, and unfortunately the mark just wasn't there on July 19th. 

So, we went back to the drawing board, we added and subtracted a few things to make the show better. We were ready to go for the show on August 2nd at Reveille Joe; we had a nice, week long rest, and we were excited to show off our new material, in addition to our first musical guest. However, as Craig pointed out to me later, it was just not meant to be. When we got there, we were told by the staff that our show was cancelled due to there new store hours, and like the prior two weeks, our musical act was nowhere to be found. It was so heartbreaking; we had no idea what to think. Later that night, I prayed; I asked God why this was happening; did we lose favor with You Lord? Was this a sign, or a test of grace? As I prayed that night, I felt the Lord lay upon my heart what the answer was.

No, we had not lost favor. God's love and mercy is constant, and unless you spend your life acting like a Sodomite (I mean we're not perfect, but we're not that bad!), God does not punish. The message of Saturday was simple: forgiveness. We were very broken hearted over all of it, but in the end we have to forgive Reveille Joe, and I do forgive them, from the bottom of my heart; as well as anyone else who as ever wronged me in my life (in case you didn't already know!). Truth be told, this is something that I have always struggled with in my life, so bear with me, I am trying to better myself in that regard, and if you have the same ailment as me, be sure to pray on it, because holding a grudge is very unhealthy, both spiritually and physically. Not to say that I don't forgive, I'm just kind of slow to it (the big stuff, if you accidentally step on my foot, I won't stay mad at you for years! Promise!)

As for the show, we have definitely suffered a setback, but setbacks  are temporary. Make no mistake, we are down, but not out! In times of adversity, I am reminded of two people. The first is Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during World War II.  When he was elected by his party in Parliament, he inherited a mess; Great Britain was at war with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. British colonies had fallen into the hands of the Japanese, and Britain's sole ally in the war, France, had been overtaken by the Nazis.  To add to the nation's woes, Britain was being attacked by Hitler's Blitzkrieg every night, killing one percent of the population. Undaunted, Churchill rallied his country by vowing to go "into the storm" and to "never, ever, surrender", and most importantly to "keep calm, and carry on"! Because of his leadership, Britain did indeed carry on; they successfully defended their homeland, and along with the good ol' U.S.A., the Allied powers won the war.

The second, and most important of all, is Jesus Christ. Now I know what you are thinking, how could the Son of God have adversity.? Well, if you read the Bible, being the Christ was not the easiest job to undertake. He was rejected by his own family when he proclaimed to be the Messiah, he was constantly harassed by the Pharisees and Saducees (who  would ultimately conspire to have Him killed), and he was surrounded by twelve people who could not comprehend his ultimate mission. Yet, He did it. He was the one who gave His life on a cross so that you and I could have everlasting life, leaving us with a beautiful doctrine on how to live our lives, and the promise that He will come again. He did this with prayer, faith, his twelve best friends, and a little bit of money to cover day to day expenses. With just those four things, Jesus changed the world forever.

Now, I'm not saying that our struggles are anywhere close to Jesus' and Churchill's. We've definitely got it easier, and who are we to play a one ups man contest with the likes of them?! However, their stories give us confidence; confidence that if they could overcome their obstacles and change world history, then we can certainly seize the day and make people laugh for a one hour comedy routine So, the moral of this post; be forgiving, be the Christ like vessel that God intended for you to be; and when life throws you a curveball, remember, to keep calm and carry on my friends!