Busy Bees

Hey folks! Corey and I have been busy bees lately, or at least Corey has. Tell you the truth, I’ve been extremely ill lately (ill as in sick, not ill as in ”Yo bruh, yo skills is so ill”, although if you truly believe this, I will be more than happy to take it as a compliment!). Corey has been doing a little spring cleaning, redesigning our website logo and the site as a whole. (Little tweeks here and there, but little things add up to make a big picture!). As for me, in between recouping from a potential upper respiratory infection and stumping for Jackson the Wonderdog, I’ve been working on some new episodes of  “Count Drahoon’s Feature of Fright”; that includes writing a few and prepping for the episodes with Scott Johnson and Austin Petersen (we finished recording the episodes last week, now we’re just waiting on their files!). I’m also working on something interesting. I don’t know whether to put it up as a stand alone film or apart of this season of Tay. What do you think? I’ll put it up this week, and we’ll take a poll! Keep tuning in folks, more news and content is on its way!