Good news is great, but No News is better than Bad News

Great news and Bad news. Bad news is that we will half to postpone the "Half" of our Month (And A Half) of Mihm. Chris has been super busy with his upcoming film Demon with the Atomic Brain. We will come back to this sometime during the end of the year. However, we still have the other half of the Count's interview, which will drop on March 26th along with a new episode of Mark Wright's "Cannibal B.S." mini series! Come April, we will either have a new Drahoon guide, audio play, or an interview with filmmaker Joshua Kennedy! Also, I am still not sure when I will have another video episode of Tay. I'm a little under the weather, and I am working on the podcast edition for this month (six hours of audio is a lot to edit!). I hope this isn't too much of a downer, but we will strive to give you quality programming irregardless of where we've fallen short. The band plays on, and the show must continue folks! Stay tuned!