Update on Scott Johnson Podcast

Hey folks! As you can tell, Corey and I have been unable to do the Weekly Recap show for the last couple of weeks. As funny as it is, the reason is entirely due to the website. We (really, Corey) are working diligently on the "Count Drahoon's Feature of Fright" episode starring Scott Johnson. We are working over time to make sure that this is the best podcast we've ever done, so extra attention to detail is crucial, and it is taking a lot of man power and time to put this together. Don't worry, we will still hold up our promise. New content will be every week. I might even throw some surprises for you all, I hope you like it! For now, say a prayer for Corey. Say a prayer for all of us here at Camcordertv; ask Him to give us strength and determination to give this project, and all of our projects, everything we have, and we will certainly do the same for you if you need us too! Thank you friends:)