Episode 8: Lil Pump By Lil Pump

Austin takes one for the team this week, as he trudges his way through SoundCloud Rapping sensation Lil Pump's debut album.

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Episode 1: Chris Stapleton's From A Room, Volume 1

A new podcast by a music fan, for music fans! J. Austin Duke is your guide through the world of music.Each episode he takes a full episode and breaks it down for listening pleasure! This week, check out his thoughts on Chris Stapleton's "From A Room, Vol. 1"!

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Camcordertv's newest collaboration with 4077 Productions! J. Austin Duke may not be a musician, but he's a fan of music; a HUGE fan. Every episode, he will pick an album, play a track, and give you his sound take on it! Coming soon to Camcordertv.com!